"Culture China" Chinese Arts Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relation between China and France, 2014 

Joy Lingnan C Xu Hongfeis Sculpture Itinerant Exhibition France Station 2014 is the 50th Anniversary of Sino-French Diplomatic Relation, to increase the cooperation and enhance mutual understanding between China and France, "Culture China" Chinese Arts Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relation between China and France, Joy Lingnan C Xu Hongfeis Sculpture Itinerant Exhibition France Station, were launched in Muse du Louvre. Xu Hongfei, the President of Guangzhou Sculpture Academy, has attended this event and presented his master work Up-skip to Moret. Global Raytur has successfully organized and carried out the opening ceremony, sculpture donation ceremony and VIP banquet. Global Raytur has also invited Chinese and French important mainstream media and organized media interview to put this event in the spotlight. This event has witnessed the culture exchange between China and France, and also gained wide appreciation.

Turkey is right here, 2013

Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has selected Global Raytur 3 years in a row as its exclusive agency for tourism and culture promotion in China and South East Asia. 2013 is Turkish Culture Year in China. During the year, Global Raytur has successfully held the 2013 Turkish Culture Year opening press conference and banquet, also planned and carried out  2013 Turkish Film Festival and 2013, Turkey is right here Culture Exhibition etc. This series of events has strongly enhanced the brand reputation of Turkish culture and tourism in China and started a new chapter for the Sino-Turkish cultural communication. 

30th Anniversary Of Establishment of Shantou Special Economic Zone Celebrations, 2011
The 30th anniversary of establishment of Shantou special economic zone marks a milestone of the tremendous economic achievement since its foundation in 1981. On Oct 20, 2011, the 30th Anniversary Celebration Gala & 17th Chaoshan Food Festival was successfully co-organized by global raytur, which highly improved the citys image.

China-Turkey 40th Anniversary Celebrations, 2011

August 2011marks the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relation establishment between china and turkey,authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affiars and ministry of culture of both raytur has tailed a series of large celebration events includingcultural gate to china, a wonderful turkey,40th anniversary gala dinner,Turkish gourmet week etc.


Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010

Out of over 100 candidate companies, Global Raytur was chosen to be the official large event and campaign operator for the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games. We have planned and implemented grand gala, sports marketing events, overseas promotions, official activities, city landscape, exhibitions etc, which have presented the richness and diversity of culture of Guangzhou, China and the whole Asia. We have composed splendid chapter for Asian Games and left touching memories for people from all over Asia.

Centennial of International Opium Commission, 2009 
In Feb.,26,2009, the Centennial of International Opium Commission has been held in Shanghai International Convention Center, attended by delegates came from the 13 nations that originally attended the International Opium Commission. The executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC) Antonio Maria Costa and the president of the International Narcotics Control Board (INVB) Hamid Ghodse, And diplomatic envoys to China also attended.


Olympic Sculpture Donated by the Belgium Government and the Royal Family, 2008
What great of works and splendid event! We would like to express our gratitude to 
all the staff for their efforts to introduce the fantastic works of art to the 2008 Olympic. 

From the speech on the inauguration ceremony
Presented by former Belgium Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker


Beijing-Rome Cultural Exchange Events And Activities, 2007
In 2007,with joint effort from both governments of Beijing and rome, a series of cultural activities were held,which not only strongly enhanced the cultural understanding and communication between two cities,but also laid a solid foundation for the joint contribution for protecting the great cultural hertage og the two countries.

Sino-Spain Enterprises Investment & Cooperation, 2006 

Organized by Chinese and Spanish government and co-organized by global raytur, the Sino-spain enterprises investment&cooperation Fair was held in 13-14july,2006,which attracted 111 enterprises from spain and over 400 from china. It promoted the exchanges of the entrepreneurs from both countries,deepened the mutual understandings of the Chinese and the Spanish people,and furthered the friendship between the two countries. Global Raytur facilitated the visit of the Spanish Royal Family to China that attracted global media spotlight to Beijing.

From Champs Elysees To The Great Wall The Closing Ceremony Of The Sino-French Culture Year, 2005
During Sino-French Culture Year, we extended Champs Elysees to the Great Wall by combining perfectly the unique historical and cultural heritage of France with the Great Wall of China. We integrated the media resources both in home and abroad, created a unique context of the two cultures. The creation and imagination of this act has marked a new milestone in the Sino-European Culture Communication and a perfect conclusion of the Sino-French Culture Year .

Beijing-Madrid Celebration Of The 20th Anniversary of Brotherhood, 2005

In 2005, authorized by Madid Municipal Government, Global Raytur provided great support as a key operator in designing, organizing and conducting a series of activities for celebration of the 20th Anniversary of brotherhood between Beijing and Madrid. They included the Gala at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the signing ceremony for the next 20 year of cooperation and relations between the two cities, business negotiation between the authorities in tourism,sports and foreign trade from both sides, exchanges, exhibitions, and the friendly soccer game between Real Madrid and Beijing Guoan, which was thrust into the national spotlight...