Guangzhou Culture Global Campaign in Barcelona, Spain, 2017

We planned organized Guangzhou Culture Overseas Campaign for Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture. The charm of city of Guangzhou’s culture bloomed in Barcelona with a series of events including Cantonese cuisine festival, Intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship workshop and Cantonese art and music presentation. The audience has fully tasted, touched and felt the beautiful and charming culture of this famous city in South China. 


Turkish Tourism and culture Promotion in China and South East Asia, 2011-2017 
Global Raytur has been selected 7 year in a row as the exclusive agency for Turkish Tourism and Culture promotion in China and Asian Pacific region. Through various approaches of advertising campaigns, Turkish culture and tourism gets more and more popular among Chinese people; and the brand awareness was hugely enhanced. 

City promotion of Chengdu at Routes 2016

Making full use of the International platform of Routes, Chengdu and Chengdu airport deliver a wonderful roadshow and presentation of the city via cultural activities,art perfornances and video shows. Global Raytur was in charge of the design, construction of the 1600㎡pavillion and the cultural promotion events.


Guangzhou Day at Expo Milano, 2015

The “Guangzhou Day” theme activity planned and operated by Global Raytur officially kicked off in the Milan Expo Park in Oct 2015. During three days’ event, the outstanding Lingnan culture attracted a large number of tourists from all over the world to participate in various experiential activities and hugely improved the brand awareness of the city of Guangzhou to the globe.


Xu Hongfei Sculpture Exhibition World Tour, 2014-1017

As a global branding consultant for Xu Hongfei Sculpture Exhibition World Tour, we coordinated through our global networks and delivered exhibitions in many landmarks and world heritage sites around the globe for the famous sculptor Mr. Xu Hongfei and turned out to be a huge success, of which many important figures attended and always created a buzz among the local media. Through the language of art, it displays at the same time a dynamic China, a friendly China and an open China that is ready to welcome and embrace all her friends around the world.

World Tour in Paris France, 2014; World Tour in Istanbul Turkey 2015

World Tour in Machu Picchu, Peru, 2016; World Tour in Bogota, Colombia, 2017


Ili the Heaven Horse International Tourism Festival, Xinjiang, China, 2013

In 10th July 2013, “Ili the Heaven Horse International Tourism Festival, Xinjiang, China” which is hosted by Xinjiang Tourist Administration, presented by Ili Tourist Administration and Zhaosu  Western Horse Industry Co., Ltd. has launched grandly in Zhaosu. As the event promoting organization, at the open ceremony, Global Raytur has successfully operated “Flying Men” VS “Heaven Horses” 100-meter race as a creative activity, which became the highlight for the Heaven Horse Festival. Meanwhile, Global Raytur has been in charge of the media management during the event . Through integrated management of traditional media and new media resources, we launched a full range (a comprehensive) dimensional propagation, and  created advertising value up to  ¥13,667,076. Global Raytur has established the Heaven Horse Festival as an international brand and a new business card for Ili.



Road of Asia, 2009

The campaign, “Road of Asia”, is composed of the Maritime Silk Road, the Overland Silk Road and the Air Silk Road. As the officially authorized agency by Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, Global Raytur was responsible for the whole program design and implementation in 37 Asian countries and regions, during when the delegation has travelled 2700 miles on the Sea Silk Road with Cocachin, 13000 km on Land Silk Road by 16 motors and 300,000km by air. Road of Asia greatly promoted Chinese culture and Asian Games spirit to the places they have been, bringing the concept of peace, friendship and hope of the city of Guangzhou as well as exchanging culture and enhancing communication between those countries.

A Cultural Gate to China, Beautiful Qinghai, 2009 
Held in the Terminals of Beijing Capital Int’l Airport, where the annual passenger flow reached up to 80 million pax, “A Cultural Gate to China, Beautiful Qinghai”was designed and conducted by Global Raytur. This event is an important step for Qinghai to enhance its cultural brand and one of its key activities to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of P.R.China. It turned to be a huge success for Qinghai’s culture brand promotion to the outside world.

The Spanish city promotion in China, 2002 

Since 2002, Global Raytur has set up a professional operation team for Spanish cities promotion in Greater China. We have so far held diversified events and activities for Andalucía, Madrid and Malaga including tourism introduction meeting, seminars,press conference, government exchanges, exhibitions and fairs etc which has led a considerable increase of the Chinese tourists to Spain.