Sports Marketing of BAIC Motor-World Snooker China Open, 2013-2015

Global Raytur was the exclusive sport consulting agency for BAIC Motor and responsible for all the relative sporting marketing executions. BAIC Motor was as the sponsor for World Snooker China Open during 2013-2015, World Snooker China Open is one of the eight professional snooker events organized by WPBSA. As the appointed agency for the brand promotion of BAIC Motor, Global Raytur provided the service of strategy analysis, event planning& execution, media reporting and monitoring and combined BAIC Motor brand and sport competition successfully.


Tour of China, 2014

Tour of China is a UCI international road bicycle race.  Completed on Sep.,15 in Wuqing, Tianjin 2014, the Race attarcted 32 professional bicycle racing teams from worldwide. It lasted for 16 days through 6 provinces with 13 stages, the total distance of the track is over 1600km. TOC is a first-class international bicycle race of China. Global Raytur was in charge of the media operation and management of the race. By closely following up with the race, we delivered a successful media campaign with a wide range, wide coverage, great buzz and lasting effect. 


Tour of Beijing, 2013 

2013 Tour of Beijing kicked off on 11th Oct.,2013. Global Raytur as the promotion agency of the first sponsor-BAIC MOTOR, organized the event and media promotion. During the competition, Global Raytur planned the activity of “Honor of Riding”, attracting more than 300 riding lovers to participate in and made a huge rider model on the top of first car of the parade team which got a positive response among the rising lovers. In order to have a better brand effect, Global Raytur invited the media of newspaper, magazine and website etc. to report this competition,through the news releasing, strengthening the connection between sport and brand. This promotion made more people know the importance of bicycle culture and healthy living life.

The 3rd Asian Beach Games, 2012 
As authorized by BAIC Motor, the senior sponsor of the 3rd Asian Beach Games, Global Raytur planned and implemented BAIC Itinerant Exhibition in Shandong, the largest official promotion campaign before the Games.


Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010

Out of over 100 candidate companies, Global Raytur was chosen to be the official large event and campaign operator for the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games.

1. Guangzhou Asian Games Torch Lighting and relay launching Ceremony
2. Road of Asia
3. Guangzhou Asian Games 2 – Year Countdown Ceremony
4. Guangzhou Asian Games 1 – Year Countdown Ceremony
5. Songs Selection for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games
6. Cultural Events during Guangzhou Asian Games
7. Cityscape Design& Decoration for 2010s Guangzhou Asian Games
8. 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Youth Camp
9. “A Culture Gateway to China, a Passionate Asian Game”




We planned and organized a series of influential activities for GAC Group including motor display on the 2 – Year Countdown Ceremony, Asian Games promotion campaign in Xi’an and in Xinjiang, Road of Asia, which we have perfectly integrated the Asian Games with the brand spirit of GAC Group.   


361°Fun Run in Asia, 2009

During the Guangzhou Asian Games and Haiyang Asian Beach Games, Global Raytur has tailored for 361°, the key sponsor, a series of distinctive and individualized activities. We’ve also introduced the brand to OCA and Olympic Committee of a couple of Asian countries, which laid a foundation for their future cooperation.  

Olympic Council of Asia Headquarter Inauguration Ceremony, Kuwait, 2009

In Mar. 2009, we brought a group of artists to give a wonderful show called “Asian Games in China” at the inauguration which impressed the whole audience and show our hospitality and passion for the coming Guangzhou Asian Games.

FIFA 2007 Women’s World Cup Sponsorship Operation
In FIFA 2007 Women’s World Cup, Global Raytur was in charge of the operation of key sponsors’ activities during the game.