AdvenChina Tourism Club positions itself as a Super IP Manufacturer & Operator for China’s Outdoor Adventurous Activities. It brings differentiated experiences of travel, meets people’s spiritual needs at all levels, offers bespoke, self-driving and highly-interactive experiential tourism.…


General Positioning

—— Super IP Manufacturer & Operator for China’s Outdoor Adventurous Activities ——

A clear global trend has been seen in the integrative development of sports, PE, tourism, culture and healthcare. Outdoor tourism activities and facilities in China have been enjoying the rapid growth, yet a lack of IPs with cultural connotation and collective appeal is a remarkable issue.

The top concern in outdoor tourism developing, planning and managing is to secure the absolute safety of the facilities and to be ecofriendly integrated with the existed environment without doing any harm to it.

ONE Strategy

A Strategy of Innovative Development“Eco-friendly+ Customized +Tourism+IP”

An evolutionary upgrade in growth mode, integration of industries and business model.Getting ready for the new Tourism industry Chain

THREE Ways of Collaboration